Vince Rebel

You've got your leaders in a whirl
They're not sure if you're a radical
Hey Vince, your hair's a fright
Tell the bankers they're all shite
You like money, and you like it all
You like dancing and Sidney Devine
You love banks when they're playing hard
You like to think you're in charge
You put them down and call them spivs
And let's pretend you're Marxist

Cable Cable, you've torn your dress
Cable Cable, your hair is a mess
Cable Cable, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!

You've got your morals in a whirl
Not sure if you're a Liberal
Hey Vince, you think you're rad
Hey Vince, you're power mad
You like Clegg and Cameron
But you pretend that you're not having fun
Adam Smith makes you fiscally hard
You look like Jean-Luc Picard
You're just a clown, you think you're strong
You tacky thing, you're wrong, wrong, wrong

Cable Cable, you think you're tough
Cable Cable, you're a piece of fluff
Cable Cable, you're just a joke
Fuck sake, you make me boke

What will the big boys do
When they get a hold of you?
They'll stuff your head down the lavvy pan
Or, if you're lucky, they'll spank your bum
You tacky thing - you turn them on
Hot tramp, I love you so

You've torn your dress, your hair is a mess
You can't get enough of the Eton mess
You've got your coalition and they're all liars
You got your Tory line and a shedful of cuts
You wanna be there when they slice up our guts
And I love your dress
You're a senile success
Because your hair is a mess
So how could you throw away all you know?

You threw it all
Depravity's child, chi-chile,
Where'd you wanna go?
What can I do for you? Looks like you're in that zoo
'Cause you've torn your dress
And your face is a mess
Your face is a mess
How were we supposed to know?
Eh, eh, how could we know?
Eh, eh

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