Raspberry Beret

There's something deeply unnatural that's happening in Scotland

He was hoping to find a bit of spare time
Looking for a jolly
So he jetted over to Uddingston
To the Tunnocks factory
They asked him if he'd like to do a tasting of the teacakes
And the caramel wafer
That's when I saw him,
Ooh, I saw him
He walked in through the out door, out door
He wore a

Raspberry beret
The kind you find in a food factory
He asked Tunnocks if it was OK
And could he have a box of snowballs to take away

It didn't make him look gay
No, not at all

I come from
South Queensferry
I don't know why I said that, but it rhymes, dunnit, eh?

Tell John Swinney
To make sure Tunnocks don't go into receivership

Oh, and increase my pay
That will do nicely

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