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The editor welcomes your comments on the burning issues of the day. If you have something you want to get off your chest or any other part of your anatomy, you can contact him below.





Dear Sir
I feel I must object to your insensitive handling of the Section 28 debate. Some of us poofs have feelings too you know.

Maurice Mince-Lightly

As a lifetime subscriber to the Daily Reckless, I feel compelled to express my disappointment that you have chosen to print a complaint from one of those nancy boys intent on corrupting every bone and rippling sinew of our youngsters' bodies. It fills me with disgust to imagine the sweating craved cavortings of such lust filled throbbing sex monsters. I stand firm and proud against such licentious behaviour and only hope that in future you shall endeavour to banish any further communication from people whose only joy in life is to obtrusively and perniciously inveigle their despicable vices into the hearts and minds of lithe, pert, voluptuous and writhing orgasmic bodies melting uncontrollably in the uninhibited thrashings of steaming pulsating sex.

Excuse me while I mop this up.

Colonel Jock Stiffly

When is the Daily Reckless going to expose the scandal of schemies sucking their fags and wingeing about poverty. It is patently obvious such state spongers must be rolling in it if they can afford to smoke.


Have any of your readers noticed the remarkable resemblance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Dewar?

Mr Magoo

I wholeheartedly concur with every opinion and prejudice espoused by this mighty organ.

A Sychophant

When will I, will I be famous?

Smarmy Throwback

Has anyone noticed the striking resemblance between SNP MSP Kay Ullrich and STV political reporter Fiona Ross? Do I win 5?

Gareth Mackie (the world's second greatest living journalist)

We don't watch STV around here, Sir, and indeed are shocked, nay, astonished that they even have such a thing as a political reporter.- Ed.

I am writing to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of majestic journalism that is without a shadow of a doubt, of the highest order.
One question though; Do I know you from days gone by? Are you a middle-aged, white haired, bespectacled gentleman with two unruly children? It seems an amazing coincidence, but if it is you and you get famous and all that try and remember yer pals from way back, eh neebur? Ah mean, times are hard, and if you could see your way to lending me a couple of quid, for old times sake, you know, when we used tae be buddies.

Yours expectantly
Andrew S. Beveridge esq.

PS When I say a couple of quid, I mean more like 20 or 30. But you're an intelligent man and I'm sure I'm just insulting your intelligence by saying that. Sorry.

I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken. I am in fact a bespectacled unruly gentleman with two middle-haired children. And yes you are insulting my intelligence. Now bugger off you scrounger. - Ed


Watching "Georgeous" Lord George Robertson, Grande Fropmage of NUTO on Scutvision on Sunday, (yeah, folks! a serious programme on ITV) I found myself musing - Does he wear a wig or is it all down to lashings of Grecian 2000? Enlighten me please.

Neil D Paterson

Well, the man has to do something to detract from his stunning good looks. - Ed

Even if you do not accept this one, it is now over two months since a contribution by a reader was accepted onto the letters page of your trite, funless, repetitive and, now, ultimately BO -RING, ego-s(h)ite. The original concept, a parody of a newspaper we love to hate, was excellent; however it has not developed beyond a schoolboyish attempt at milking a 'coo' to utter exhaustion - and reader fatigue.


Ooooh. Get her! Methinks someone has been partaking of the pompous ass pills. What do you think readers? Trite? Funless? Schoolboyish? Cripes. Us? Bum snotters jobbies to you, A.

Hey Capt Boab,
How's it gaun? The site's a hoot (and that's not easy to say with this much drink under your belt). I particularly like R2, for its incisive fluff and pithy fashion news, though it does not carry as many pictures of birds in their pants as do some other publications. You should bring out a hard-copy edition, by the way. I was going to say it would sell like hot cakes, but since no one sells hot cakes any more, I do not think that a clever analogy. Better perhaps to say it would sell like condoms at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.


Cheers. Incidentally, Rab, we used to have a whole calendar featuring our feathered friends in various styles of undergarments but decided to delete it on the grounds of taste. We had a lot of complaints from twitchers. Twas ever thus.

Dear Boab
Who is ALM? A Labour Minister/Moron perchance? As far as I can tell the original concept hasn't changed and has indeed developed to include the excellent R2. I utterly resent LM's feeble attempt to undermine such a great wee read. Could ALMs utter exhaustion have more to do with sticking closely to Teflon men ?

Outraged of Partick

Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between the erstwhile ejukashun minister, Ah'm Yer Man and a medical dummy head representing facial muscle and tissues?

A surgeon

Sam Galbraith
A dummy

I am delighted to see that you have not lowered your impeccable standards by reporting any morsel of information from the football on Sunday. As is now commonplace in the rest of "gutter press", no respect for the feelings of Rangers fans is shown in what is a very difficult time for, them. These so called "newspapers" are only interested in cashing in on the misery of others by reporting stories that no-one is really interested in. Thank GOD that your paper has displayed its sensitivity to this matter.

Yours Faithfully
Columbus Knight

I am struck by the remarkable resemblance between eminent historian, Dr David Starkey and local shop owner from the League of Gentlemen, Edward Reece. Are they related?

from Tillicoultry (and who wouldn't be)

Remarkable, indeed, Curious. They would appear to both be related to pigs.

Regarding the culling of Tory politicians for being ugly - Labour had better pray they're not next - 'cos the party with the smallest gene pool on this or any other planet has clearly suffered from all those years of inbreeding between all the Labourite families to ensure their safe council seats from parent to offspring go to those of the "right background".

Just look (if you dare) at Wendy Alexander, who fell out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down. Everyone has a right to be hideous, but as in all matters she badly abuses the privilege. Where's the nearest bolt gun & quicklime mass burial pit?

Yours for every politician up against the nearest wall & shot
Mark Boyle.

Aw - we think Wendy's cute in an intriguing Ripley's Believe it or Not way


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