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by Fiona Ffitch-Ffrump

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Tommy C. Hellfire's new lamé semmit creation with embroidered sequins, seen here modelled by Roberto N'estpas, is taking the fashion world by storm.

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Fiona ffitch-ffrump writes
Dear Readerlings of the female persuasion. It's that time of year again. Yes you've guessed it - "the autumn season". Does that strike terror into your hearts? Never fear, Fiona of the Reckless is here.

It's time to put away the backless mules,cropped trousers,strappy vests and open gusset pantaloons. They have served some of us (not me I hasten to add) well this summer but now tis the season for tweed,flannel and boots.

Here are some typical questions passed on to me by ACTR (terrible name for an agony column, I must say).

Q. What is the new black?
Q. What is the new skirt length?
Q. Is snakeskin environmentally correct?
Q. Is tweed the new cashmere?
Q. Are peep-toe shoes wearable in the middle of winter?

These and many more will not be answered. Surely you don't think our beloved ed would send anyone to Paris- North Berwick maybe. Fiona's advice is to raid yer granny's wardrobe, maybe even yer mammy's.

This season's been done before (in tweeds).