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Quit iPhone

Sublingual Tablet'Hate hate. Hate' reminiscent of a Ramones chant. Again, it's MES shouting at new technology. 'i pad phone' indeed. Ends on a capella Smith again, but nowhere near as thrilling as the end of Weather Report 2. On the whole, a lack of surprises, but some impressive noises. Must stop gargling.





Quit iPhone (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 09.15 AM, June 3, 2015

Fibre Book Troll

Sublingual TabletThe inevitable Facebook rant. You get the picture. MES protesting about internet imposters. Bombs along in fairly predictable style. I like the endearing threat behind 'and when I find my troll, I'll give him presents' and 'I will expect the 2.50% of my royalties.' The whistling at the end is absolutely hideous. A version which morphs into a drum-thumping revamped live No Xmas For John Quays is on the Wise Ol Man E.P.



Fibre Book Troll (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

Facebook Troll/No Xmas for John Quay (Wise Ol' Man, 2016)

posted @ 08.45 PM, June 2, 2015


Sublingual TabletKudos for the title. A word I never imagined being revived. Not much to it but almost gets into a groove by the end with a familiar sounding riff. 'Turn it up for the man!' he growls as it fades out.





Snazzy (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 10.00 AM, June 1, 2015


Sublingual TabletHigh pitched MES against backdrop of drudgy instruments. The gargly shouty MES much in evidence here. The screaming of 'Pledge!' over and over gets a bit weary though. You get the feeling MES just likes saying the word. Some whinging about 'creative money' eg. 'went to TV for money. No go. Rich. No! Kidnap Bono pledge.' Ridiculousness highlighted by studio laughter at end.




Pledge! (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 08.50 AM, May 29, 2015

Auto Chip 2014-2016

Sublingual TabletEpic track of the album. Again not making any sense but the chant of 'Suffering. Away ay ay!' hooks you in as does the guitar riff, 'twenty fourteen!' and 'How bad are English musicians?' So, in conclusion, a mish mash of well trod Fall tropes of medication, numbers and bad mouthing musicians. As if on auto pilot you could say. Mocking conclusion: 'What else you get for Christmas, boy?'




Auto Chip 2014-2016 (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 09.45 AM, May 28, 2015

Stout Man

Sublingual TabletCredited to Iggy Pop and James Williamson, a very loose reworking of 'Cock In My Pocket.' Very loose. Especially lyrically. Here we have 'a big fat man pushing a little pram' and 'a pot-bellied Elton John' amongst several spontaneously spat out homilies. Still, it gives Peter Greenaway a chance to practice his Stooges chops





Stout Man (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 11.35 AM, May 27, 2015

Junger Cloth

Sublingual TabletStrong drum figure and accompanying bass pattern. Simple keyboard riff follows. Then MES apparently struggles to make out some letters/characters on a cloth/chart/who the hell knows? 'It encapsulates all that is foul in man and creature.' Very Lovecraft like reference that. Trundles on and peters out.





Junger Cloth (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 09.05 AM, May 26, 2015

First One Today

Sublingual TabletDescribed sardonically by MES on 6 Radio as 'a bit of social commentary.' Appears to be one of many sideways swipes at today's social media etc. and the incessant need to 'capture' everything - 'If only he'd brought his film camera today.' First coffee? Killing? Girl? Wine? Musically more in keeping with the slightly fuzzy sixties type Fall sound began about Imperial Wax Solvent time.




First One Today (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 09.25 AM, May 25, 2015

Dedication Not Medication

Sublingual TabletOriginally mooted as the album title. Thrillingly rumbling bass intro, powerhouse drums and squelching synth. Here Pierce Brosnan is chastised in a similar 'how dare you' way to Gretchen Franklin on Telephone Thing except Pierce is prescribing 'bed wet pills.' Lyrically plays incongrously on a 'good grief/bad grief, bad wet/bed wet' combination. The minimalist deep and dark pulses are the best bits which are brought to the fore in the remixed Wise Ol' Man E.P. version



Dedication Not Medication (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

Dedication (remix) (Wise Ol' Man, 2016)

posted @ 09.00 AM, May 22, 2015

Black Roof

Sublingual TabletSonically and musically the most divergent from recent Fall sound. That'll be because all the instruments are played by Tim Priestly and Rob Barbato from the previous Fall incarnation. They also helped write and mix it. Stands out from the general rockist swamp of the album. The lyrics are full of 'fog-accenting notions' and ragged affectations.' No, me neither.




Black Roof (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

posted @ 09.05 AM, May 21, 2015

Venice With The Girls

Sublingual TabletLively opener with nothing out of the ordinary unless you consider catchy refrains and solid song structuring a bit too unFall like. Sounds like he's shouting 'Splash, splash' but I'm assured it's 'Best thing.' Those catchy refrains? 'He's been waiting so long/Lonesome lonely, lonesome lonely.' The title refers to an awful UK TV advert for travel insurance for the over 50s. Another version is on the Wise Ol' Man E.P.



Venice With The Girls (Sub-Lingual Tablet, 2015)

Venice With Girls (Wise Ol' Man, 2016)

posted @ 15.50 PM, May 20, 2015