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I Just Don't Know What To Do With My Cock
Irn Brury
Hannah Rap
Toby Young, Oh What A Twat
2017 RIP
David Davis Eyes
Bigmouth Tweets Again
Bull Penis Smoothie
Spider Killer
It's Ma Pairty
A Win? No Way
Sausage Roll Away The Stone
The Sensational Alex Salmond Band (Russian version)
A Hard List's Gonna Leak
Priti - Fey Cunt
Free Fallon
Viva Catalonia
Anas Sarwar
Day Job
My Favourite Dictators
Arseholes At Night
Fulsome Brexit Blues
Neil Oliver
Nick Robinson
Biscuit Tinnitus
Coment On The Latest Jackie Baillie Pish
Solid Gold Easy Redaction (Anas version)
You're So Vain
Bye Bye Kezia
Good Day At The White House
The Half Man Half Biscuit Song
All I Want For Christmas Is A Torphichen Inn Away Kit
Hannah Bardell
Do The Queensferry Walk
Tories In Extreme
Nuclear Surrender
Modern Day Presidential
Jeremy Corbyn
Schrödinger's Referendum (Can I Get A Reset?)
Colonel Gadaftie
Cuntissentially Cuntish
Fields Of Wheat
Wicker May
Theresa May Is A Shitebag
Tommy Sheppard
Hot Take
Looking After The One Show
Reasons To Hate Tories Part Three
500 Quid
The Ravages Of Rampant Capitalism
Strong And Stable
War Ukelele
Crush The Saboteurs
With My Little Schtick Of Post Punk Rock
Brexit Clown
Do You Agree With The Lady On The Gangway?
I've Never Seen An Advert In The Daily Reckless
Comedians Obedience Class
Caledonia Uber Alles
Spanish Rock
Stickers On A Statue
Sympathy For The Reckless
Necessary Hashtags
Subtweet Good To Me
Old English Spangles
King Of Kirkcaldy (Fade Away And Radiate)
You Talk Shite, Hen
Now Is Not The Time
Let's Flounce
Do You Know What You're Scrolling For?
Sadiq Khan
Storm Doris (She's Got Harry Lauder Eyes)
Silly Nob Gags
Bird Chopping Eco Crucifixes Of Your Mind
BBC Shortbread
Compulsive Liar
Sea Kelp
Jeremy Corbyn's Beard
My Sister-In_Law's Ex Husband's Nephew
My Cuckoo Queue
No To Joy
I've Got A Flask If Anyone's Thirsty
Bagpipe Music
I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
Nellie The Telephone
Mistra President
Oh! The Cinematography
Appease Me
My Baby Is Tied To A Timebomb
Hit The Nazi
Wobbly Rocket
Nobody Lives Where I Live
2016 RIP
Quotidian Pangs Of Existential Dread
UKIPs Are Alt-right
Frightfully Posh Halloween (apocalyptic remix)
Delete! Delete! Delete!
Alsatian Strangulation
Robert DeNiro's Fighting
Fawlty Tenements
Fight The Right
Fluffy Mundy
Move Eddie Mountain
Trump Is A Cunt
Ed Balls
Duncan Hothersall
Torn Between Two Labours
I Will Be With You, Whatever
Project Farce
Noel Edmonds' Cancer Box
It's Different For Toffs
I Wanna Marry A Muirfield Member
Wightman In Holyrood Parly
Chicken War Pinnochio Man
The BMX Bandits Are All About Love
Eat Y'Self Twitter
Press Oddity
Shove Yer Subtly Nuanced Ironic Wit Up Yer Arse
Aw Fuck It's Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Burly Men Of Annan
Where's Captain Eck?
KKKaye Took My Radio Away
Corbyn Calling
Scotland Calling (Corbyn Version)
Fuck A Dead Pig
Posh Twat In The Pig
Lady Mone
Tony Blair's Monkeys
I Gotta Abstain
Jackie Bird
Duke Of Buccleuch
Fist Pumping With IDS
Save Our Macaroni Pie
Rowling, Trolling, Trolling
The Ballad Of Moody Greg
Malcolm The Bruce
Michael White's Moustache
Little Willy Rennie
Careless Memo
The Magnificent 56
Mhairi Black
There Are More Kelpies Than Scottish Labour MPs
Jim Murphy's Hair
The Most Dangerous Woman In Britain
Full Fiscal Autonomy
Boris Johnson's Baby Farm
Evo Stick It To The Man
Kezia Dugdale's Dad
You'll Always Be In Our Hearts
Labour Pink Bus
Black Paternoster Bam A Lam
O Come All Ye Pundits
99% of Little England Love Nigel Farage
Let Them Eat Porridge
Curran Have A Go If You Think You're Hard Enough
Poetry and Politics
Slab Boys
Ride A White Van
Louis Louis
O' Vow For Scotland
Shonzo CD

Help Ma Boab
The Sensational Patrick Harvie Band
Positively Forth Bridge
The Ballad Of The Eberdeen Coo
Bar Room Philosophers
The Mumbling Song
Marr, He's Making Lies At Me
Jilted Jock
Totally Scunnered
Just Say Yes
The Magnificent Paradigm
Walking Bollock Naked In The Ochils
The Diary Of Damian McBride
Scotching The Stereotypes
Are We Not Mental?
Jamie Oliver
Please Hold
Porn Free
Get Ti Falkirk
All The Auld Punks
Tam Sheridan's Bairns

Fuck The Mainstream Media
Hamburger Davy
Roll Of Linoleum
500 Gigs
Ye Jacobites By Egyptian Reggae
Kick Out The Bams, Malcolm Tucker
Do The Zombie
Halloween In Glasgow
The Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill
Someone's Set A Light To My Farts
Hold On, I'm Coming, Nancy
Brian Cox
My Olympic Flame
Derek Acorah
Danny Alexander (Feed Him To The Pandas)
Birdwatching For Punks
Rangers In The Shite
A Bam in West George Street
Occupy The World
Hurricane Bawbag
Love Lorne
(I Was Born Reading The) Morning Star
Bono's Cock
Oliver Letwin
Dear Mr Dylan
Gordon Brewer
Gok Wan Lookalikes
Captains Full Strength
Ted Stew
Sir Cockroach
Suicide City
The Cucumbers Are Innocent
Malcolm Chisholm
The Ballad of Iain Gray
New Scotland (SNP version)
Terrorist Medley (updated)
Listen To The Doctor!
Up The Superinjunction
Justin Bieber
Message In A Boatle
Zoo Suits
Living Room
Thur A Moussa Loose Aboot This Hoose, Sir
Jim Devine Comedy
Eddie Windass
Glenwood Jasmine
I Fought The Craw
Horse Wi Nae Weans
You Rexie Thing
Taliban Tam
Bald, Fifty and Fat
What If God Was Wan O Us?
Pop Culture Bore
Panda Panda
Julian Assange
Adventures In Radio
This Crisp Man
Raspberry Beret
Brand New Content
Duckworth Death Chair
After All
Something Stupid
Shag Guevara
Take A Whack On The Backside
Chips, Cheese, Trams and Es
Me and Boo Boo
Cable Cable
Papal Blues
Shoplifting Girl
Davie Teardrop
Blitzkeith Pop
Gazza's Favourite Things
Cheryl Cole
Thank You Driver!
What On Earth Are We Doing To Ourselves?
Cecily Plasticine

Staircase (MEStery)
Heaven Cannae Wait
Working For The Cooncil
Melancholic Alcoholic
Alastair Darling
Albert Schweitzer
Jeremy Paxman
Andy Stewart
Fifers Rock
Alex Salmond
Arnie Schwarzenegger
Huns Of Ibrox
Wrong 'Em Boyle
Haggis Bombs
Scotland Calling
Campbell's Sauce
Tiger Christmas
It's Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas
Heather The Weather
Constable Campbell
Bored Again Christians
The Sun and Gordon Brown Are No More
The Boy Fae Auchtermuchty
Govan Must Be Missing A Jakie
I Scream For Quo
No Whisky In The Bar
Manhattan Coat
Gadaffi Goes To New York
Laura Palmer's Father
The Ballad Of Lulu Reed And Twiggy Pop
Ode To Mary Jo
Straight Outta Libyaton
The Mark E Smith Guide To Writing Guide
Mnemonic Bonanza
MSPs Picnic
Anthea Turner's Cock
Bang Bang
Shall I Compare Thee To Ann Summers, Dear?
Big Black Cat
Without Ewan McGregor
First We Take Lumphinnans
Molly Weir
Imagine There's No Lennon
The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band
Everybody's Dying Nowadays
Solid Gold Easy Redaction
I Am The Fly
Points Of View


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