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October 2004 Archive

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The Daily Reckless October 2004 Archive

FRANK FERDINAND FEVER (published 5 October 2004)
Lets Franz

Folk phenomenon, Frank Ferdinand, has agreed to let well known half kultcher tsar half biscuit, Mr Franz McVities, join his backing band. Here we see Franz testing the cut of their jib.

FOXY MUSIC (published 5 October 2004)
Country Life Revisited

A camp fox has been blamed for goading the normally peace-loving fox-manglers in that London last week.

Meanwhile, following his son's arrest during the rowdy scenes which followed and subsequent Commons invasion by posh people wagging their fingers threateningly at our leaders, Bryan Ferry has decided to re-release the fourth Foxy Music album, Country Life.

A protester urges us not to forget

BLAIRFORCE ONE (published 12 October 2004)
Plane nonsense

Tony Blair, who recently admitted his jealousy at the USA president having his own personal airplane, has been allocated one of his own: CheesyJet.

LAUREN, LEG END (published 12 October 2004)
She Makes Films and That

Following her swipe at Nicole Kidman earlier this week, Lauren Bacall has decided to revamp her movie career with a blockbuster reminding everybody who's boss.

SMASHING SYSTEM (published 19 October 2004)
Genesis Genocide

The spectacular crash to Earth of the Genesis space module last week has been taken as a cosmic sign to finally smash all Genesis discs in existence.

The news has come as a massive relief to all discerning music lovers.

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