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December 2003 Archive

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JUDITH CHARMERS EXPOSED (published 1 December 2003)
Wish you were her?

Judith Charmers

The Reckless has received exclusive footage revealing the fate of TV's former queen of travel.

THE BIG CONSTIPATION (published 1 December 2003)
The government gets stuck in

A website launched by the goverment this week aims to bring relief to millions sufferering under the current regime.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE SPECIAL (published 8 December 2003)
John Hurt. A lot.

A special edition of This is your Life featuring Michael Aspel ripping through the stomach of actor John Hurt has been recorded for a Christmas special.

JESUS JAPES (published 15 December 2003)
Blasphemy Bounders

Jesus Trips

A series of blasphemous Christmas Cards has been secretly handed in to the Reckless office.

water to wine

So...that's how he did it.

some mothers

Opportunity Ox

Opportunity Ox

Walking on Waiter

Jesus walking on waiter

3 Wisemen

The Three Wisemen

BAITING BEAGLES (published 15 December 2003)

A dramatic new evolutionary development has been discovered this week: the underwater cunning of dogs.

DC THOMSON UPGRADE (published 22 December 2003)

Comic publishing giants DC Thomson have radically upgraded their Beano characters to reflect the changing modern scary type world.

Lord Snooty

Pansy Potter
Turner prize winner - Pansy Potter

A Clockwork Menace
A Clockwork Menace

ST ANDREWS SHOCKER (published 22 December 2003)
Toffs Tee Off

Puffer ball

The latest must have accessory for posh golfers this year is the puffer fish ball.


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