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August 2004 Archive

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DUBYA DOODLES (published 1 August 2004)
Heck, I don't know

Upon hearing of imminent threats from other countries, President Bush, misunderstanding his advisors, has drawn a lion in the sand.

STATUE BOB? (published 1 August 2004)
Classy sculpture and that

The new Venus de Niro statue has been unveiled in New Yoik.

JAM. JUTE AND JIVING (published 8 August 2004)
Dan der dan

Following some creative redesigning by its inhabitants graffitiists, Dundee has decided to permanently erase the 'very' from the end of their city tagline to become the City of Disco.

HOVER SHEEP (published 8 August 2004)
Cunning Baas

It has been discovered this week that sheep have evolved ways of circumventing the problem of cattle grids by developing their own ingenious methods.

SPACE - THE FINAL HOP (published 15 August 2004)
The universe is bouncy

Scientists have now discovered that the entire solar system is composed of space hoppers.

FAX TO THE BUTCHER (published 15 August 2004)
Meaty remake

A new thriller released this week reveals the extent to which hi-technology has reached the humble butcher shop.

WE ARE FORMBY (published 22 August 2004)
The Uke Duke

Sister Sledge have announced their intention to regroup as a George Formby tribute band.

FOREST FEAR (published 22 August 2004)
Trees Trembling

Trees have been fleeing for their lives this week following the activities of a vicious serial mower intent on cutting them down to size.

SYNCHRONISED SKIVING (published 29 August 2004)
Sickie Sports

The new Olympic sport of synchronised skiving has taken off in a big way amongst malingerers across the nation.

Two contestants phone in sick

An excited boss takes the calls simultaneously

MARK IN MILITARY COO (published 29 August 2004)

We can reveal a detailed illustration of the actual events depicting Mark Thatcher in a military coo.

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