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August 2003 Archive

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LABOUR RAWK (published 4 August 2003)
Get down and all that

Labour supergroup

After Cherie Blair's rousing rendition of When I'm 64 earlier this week, the Labour party has elected to rebrand itself as a supergroup.

That's good eh?

BLAKEY'S 7 (published 4 August 2003)
I'll get you Butler

Blakey's 7

The BBC have announced plans to bring sciffy masterpiece Blakey's 7 back to our screens - the continuing antics of a cheeky double decker bus crew hurtling through outer space whilst being kept in check by their hilarious Hitler like inspector. Not to be missed probably.

DIZZY DAZZLES (published 11 August 2003)
Jazz Bagpipes

jazz bagpipes

A new musical instrument and possible dodgy euphemism was unveiled this week - the jazz bagpipes.

Designed to frighten even the most determined of tourists loitering within Princes Street.

CONNERY CAMPS IT UP (published 18 August 2003)

Camp Connery

Shorn Canary blew into the Edinburgh Film Festival this week sporting a surprising new image for his fans.

"I'm down with the kidsh, you know shunny Jim. I jusht love that new group Kish," he dribbled.

JASON AND FREDDY DO LUNCH (published 18 August 2003)
Etiquette and that

Top horror luvvies, Jason and Freddy were spotted out on the town this week facing that age old Chinese dilemma.

DODDY'S WORLD TOUR (published 25 August 2003)
How tickled he is


Ken Dodd has embarked on a world tour where he is causing outbreaks of extreme merriment amongst African wildlife.

He has, however, left behind his Diddymen for fear of offending the pygmies.


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